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Howdy howdy howdy, hi-diddly-halloo thar~! Biho Bercilak, obliged to make your acquaintance. I’m a whimsical vampire god from another dimension who’s obsessed with the number 8 and only wishes to be a real human girl-boy-thing. My endless fascination with language, demography, life in general, and the mind’s ability to fabricate new existences has compelled me to design Łedu, the insane purple language you find before you. It is a reflection of my most cherished philosophies, outlooks, thought processes, and mental imagery wrought in the form of raw, drinkable language, however it feels most natural to me. Strictly speaking, this language is my artistic magnum opus, just as much a feat of technical engineering as of florid socioaesthetic imagination, and you may unravel it in much the same manner you would my mind: an open tome, bombastically esoteric though it may be. The culture and mythos associated therewith follows just so.

As you traipse through the ever-developing infrastructure of my lurid delicacy, you’ll come across elaborations of its phonology, orthography, syntax, morphology, semantics and pragmatics, and the fictional culture I’ve sculpted as vector for all of the above, as well as some translated texts and glossed examples. I entreat that you savor to your heart’s earnest content, no less and no more. I don’t necessarily intend this language to be easy to learn, useful as an auxiliary tongue, nor to advance any such magnanimous practical end – it’s a wildly agglutinative mouthful of vapid, endlessly meaningful belletrism from an electrified mire of a psyche, and behind it lies a cast of human experience as rich as its phoneme and morpheme inventories, aiming to emulate what might blossom from a(n exceedingly fanciful) real ethnic group. I hope you’ll consider that lens as you lose yourself in the linguistic wilds – or any other lens you should so fancy, for that matter.

Please make yourself at home, and have a good romp through my finest, most unadulterated precipitate~! ^_^